Together, We will practice all things positively  to gain and grow our skill. With God all things are possible.


Nouvelle Life partners up with STARZ from Raytown Missouri. All classes are led by highly-skilled coaches who have been in the industry for years, if not their whole lives.

With excellent encouragement, self love affirmations, goal driven chants, and motivative declaration Nouvelle's Life pushes excellency for our clients.

With all expenses paid through sponsors we are able to make this possible.

Tutor/ Education 

Nouvelles Life provides Private tutoring, group lessons, and self-study options allow you to learn the way that suits you best.

Day, night and weekend appointment options to accommodate your schedule.

Rigorous interviewing and vetting ensures you receive the best tutor.


Nouvelle's Life has partnered with I9 Sports 

  • 6 Week Schedule - Including an opening day "Jamboree"

  • Everybody plays. Every game

  • There are No Tryouts, No Drafts, No Fundraisers, and No Mandatory Volunteering!

  • Teams are organized in divisions based on the age of the child/Teen. Teams consist of 6-10 players.

  • Practices are conveniently held on game day - just prior to the game.

All Games and equipment covered through sponsors and Nouvelle's Life.

Critical Thinking 

Through our vast network of strategic partnerships, and unique teaching methodologies, we aim to disrupt traditional, stodgy learning models by introducing innovative curriculum based on each learner's needs.

Trainings take place every Monday and Friday from 4:00pm to 4:45pm 

Swim Club

Nouvelle Life offer a variety of swim classes which are designed to teach all ages how to further develop their swimming techniques, balance and gain confidence all while having fun.

All services paid, Nouvelle Life has partnered with Boys and Girls club of Greater Kansas City on Thursdays and Fridays from 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Art Club

Nouvelle Life offer a space where students can practice the arts and hone their individual skills. ... Students are often required to work in groups and learn to work together through class projects for the school or community organizations. Classes are every Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm. 


Dance/ Music

Nouvelle Life uses fun and fast-paced drama activities to build children’s speaking, and social skills. Our goal is the development of life skills such as confidence, public speaking, creative thinking, and more through the magic of dramatic arts. This program will help set our children up for success in whatever educational and career path they may follow by teaching the key skills that every child needs.

Classes will be help Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays 4pm tp 6:30pm 

Young Entrepreneurs

Early Beginnings. Young Entrepreneurs' Organization at Nouvelle's Life: 

  • Test Ideas & Teach with Tools

  • Expectations Setting & Encouraging the Dream

  • Stop and Suspend Judgment

  • Listen and Learn

  • Assess & Analyze

  • 3 known Advocates/ Business Consultants   from around the metro KC area are willing and able to assist our future business owners.

Classes are held every Saturday at 1:00pm ​Location Varies.